Friday, December 31, 2010

* Happy 2011 **

You all will know Ali Edwards One Little Word, and my word for 2011 will be ENJOY.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

* Christmas *

Long time, no blogging. I am very busy with all things christmassy and it's very exhausting with this kind of weather we are having to ride to work and back on my bike. My route is normally taking app. 25 minutes or so, now it takes me over an hour.
Plus I am trying to keep up with December Daily. Until now I only have photo's and notes in my word document, because I didn't have Photoshop elements yet. But I got it this week as an early present from and got it installed yesterday. So no more reason to delay.
So I am leaving with a small impression of the Christmas decorations in my home.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

* more christmas cards *

Yesterday evening I finished 2 more cards for Christmas. I must really hurry up, because it's almost time to send them and I only have a few. So guess I will be busy this weekend with card making.
First one is for Get Sketchy sketch #66, however, I am too late too post, but I liked it too much not to. Love the lost of bling bling. Again I almost only used materials not bought in official scrap store. Second one is for this weeks sketch over at Card Patterns. It's sketch 92 already! Sadly I have missed a lot of sketches over the last few weeks (months) but life has kept me busy.
The weather is really very cold over here. It's -8 degrees, but due to the strong eastern wind it feels like -15 to -20 degrees!! And there is snow and the road are not kept very clean this time. I fear the roads will be icy tomorrow....

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