Saturday, September 17, 2011

* LSNED Days 4 & 5 & 7*

I used today to scrap some more for the LSNED course. I am way behind, but still enjoying it. So trying to keep up.

I used for Day 4, Kristin Cronin Barrow - raindrops keep falling, a template from Cindy Schneider, Darcys font again and date stamp from Traci Reed.

Day 5: 10080 min's kit from Traci Reed, Cindy Schneider template, cardboard chunk alpha from Shawna Clingerman, Darcy Balwin's font Tara.

Day 6, will follow later. On to day 7

Today I won a kit from Meghan Mullens, can you believe it? N is for.... Can be used for almost anything, I can also imagine using it for autumn related pages, I love it. Thank you Meghan, I am very happy with it :)
Of course I had to use it immediately. I created day 7 for LSNED with it and love the outcome. Also I used again Darcys font and of course a template from Cindy Schneider. (everything can be bought at SSD)

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, it's windy autumn weather over here.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

* how to be dangerous *

Check out this post:

It will turn your views upside down.

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* LSNED Day 2 & Day 3 *

My internet went down for a couple of days, man am I addicted! It wasn't easy at all, couldn't check mail, couldn't make payments, couldn't search for information I needed. Guess internet made it's way into my life fully and completely.
On the other side, I managed to get a little more scrapping done than usual, as being not distracted in my work by surfing the 'net :)
I managed some layouts for Project life and LSNED, but still need to finish WITL though.
Above is the LSNED layout for day 2. I used a template from Cindy Schneider & a digi kit from Meghan Mullens - Best days of my life & a Darcy Baldwin font (simply love those)

And here is Day 3, again a Cindy Schneider template (couldn't scrap without them any more :) I love those templates, unfortunately there aren't much with only 1 photo which I need for this projectt)
The kit is from Fee Jardin - happy days, bought in the sale recently and of course the same Darcy Baldwin font.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

* Learn something new every day *

I have joined another class over at I also tried to finish explore, but that didn't work. But I am dertermined to finish this class this time; Learn something new every day. It runs in the whole month september.It's about what you can learn during every day life. It is doable for me, or at least the way I chose to do it.
Every day I write my lesson of that day down. I cannot always make a picture, but I will try to take them in the weekend to fit the subject or I will use an older photograph or if I took a photo that day which fits, I will use it. But it's also fine if I don't have a photo, though that page will be difficult to scrap for me. I never scrap without at least 1 photo!
Anyway, it's day 6 now and until now I am keeping up with the notes, not with the scrapping because that will be done mostly in the weekends when I have time. It is not possible for me to do it daily and to keep up. But that's fine as well.
I know what I have on my plate with all projects running at the same time, makes me wonder why I wanted to take this class anyway :) so it's ok with me, as long as I finish the job.

The first page says; it's very important to spend quality time with family, like making flower decorations with my mom.

She makes them and I just enjoy watching and chatting together :)
For the page I used the great kit of SSD - As summer fades by Melissa Bennet & Julie Billingsley. I am totally in love with it. I will use it for a lot of my autumn layouts this year.
Template from Cindy Schneider, alpha from Meghan Mullens, date stamp from Traci Reed.
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