Monday, July 30, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Be confident

I wanted to try again Texture Tuesday, I haven't played along in a very long time, so it's about time to get started again :)

Here's my photo. Quote from the internet and I used textures ugglovebandw, the ladder, and friday.
I was too late to upload but I had fun making this. I really need to play more with photoshop, it has really been too long ago.

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5 Min Friday

Been a long time since I played along, well here goes

Beyond my outside which I like to be as tough as can be, lies a sweet soft caring person. A person who will always care for other people, who will mostly be used by other people.
Beyond my outside shell, which I have built around me, lies a person who wants to be loved and liked just like everybody else does.
Beyond my hopes and expections and dreams, I hope and dream mostly about being accepted as I am.
But beyond that I am a fighter and will always be.
Why can't people see beyond their own values and let go of their thoughts about right and wrong, about what can be accepted and what not?
Beyond this world, there is another world for me and people like me. :)

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