Sunday, March 29, 2009

* card Boy * Layout Footprints *

I just finished a baby boy card which I am going to send to my niece. Unfortunately it was already quite late so the quality of the photo is not so good since there wasn't enough light. But I like the outcome. Supplies: white cardstock, Bazzill Basics orange & aqua, American Craft Thickers White, Fiskars borderpunch, safety pin, beads, Imaginsce Papers, Ribbon orange & aqua.

And as promised the layout I finished Friday last. It's another one with Benji starring on the layout :D. I am so font of this dog.

Supplies: White cardstock, Bo Bunny Alyssia papers, Fiskars borderpunch, Crafts too cornerpunch, Artemio Flowers, flower jewels, Puffy Paint white, ribbon aqua & pink, Organza ribbon blue & white, American Craft Thickers, pins, letterstamps Hema, Cats Eye pink ink.

I managed to finish another layout today, but since the light is really bad now, I will wait until next week to put it up.

Again I am having a little *accident* in the weekend. At the end of the afternoon I went through my back (wrong move or something); it hurts like hell. I can hardly sit, walk or stand (lying I have to try out). I am soooo hoping it will be gone tomorrow otherwise I think I won't be able to go to work. I can hardly move at all. Keeping fingers crossed all will be over tomorrow.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

* Pepijn * shopping *

Today we got the news that one of my nieces has given birth around 5.00 am to a little baby boy. His name is Pepijn and he weights approx. 8 pounds.
I already saw some photos @ my aunts today and he is sooooooo adorable and cute :)
My aunth bought hime the cutest tiny clothes in of course blue @ H&M; a dark blue pants which can be used both as shorts and pants, some tiny blue shoes, a light blue t-shirt and a blue rugby shirt with the number nine on fornt and very large on the backside. So cute, look for yourself.
Tomorrow I will try to make a new fresh baby boy card to send to my niece. I think I am trying the Grow papers from My Minds Eye.
Today was a rainy day, but I still wanted to go to Hengelo, were I spent 3 hours shopping in the rain. Not all that compy but I succeeded for what I went or at least partly. I still have to do some shopping for new summer shoes and I need 2 more new jeans, since I don't seem to loose the few kilo's I gained since last Christmas. Ah well, there are worse things in life.
Yesterday I finished a layout with the Alyssia papers from Bo Bunny and I like the outcome. Tomorrow I will take some photo's and put it online.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Terug naar de Kust * H&M

This week I finished the first time read a novel by Saskia Noort. It's a very well written book and I enjoyed it very much. It's about a single mother who is a singer in a band. She gets threatened after undergoing an abortion. She runs to savety to her sister in her parents house. She thinks she runs to safety but instead she runs right into the trap.
It's isn't really exiting but it was a good read and I am surely planning to read more from her
Currently I am reading; Peter Tremayne's Dood van een Pelgrim. Also a recently newly found writer I am enjoying to read.

Yesterday evening I started working on a new layout with my Bo Bunny papers'Alyssia. So beautiful. I only had an hour or so, so it's not finished by a long shot. But since I have a free evening tomorrow, I hope I can finish it by then.
I already drifted away from my goal to make 2 layouts in one week, in order to get 100 layouts in 2009. Anyway, I will enjoy the proces and see how far I come.

Just placed a new online order @ H&M since I got a coupon for 10% discount. Ordered 3 blouses and 2 linnen trouwsers for the summer. I will be delivered early april, keeping fingers crossed that everything will fit. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jaaroverzicht 09 * Kleine Lüge für die Liebe

I am a little behind on digital layouts on the yearproject I follow on one of the forums I read. Last Sunday - in the evening - I finished 2 of them.
The first one should go on the subject thank you. I changed it to thankful for. I am * so * thankful for music. I couldn't imagine my life without it. Without it, I would be nothing, empty. Music makes me happy, makes me sad, cheers me up, never leaves me and is always there to fit whatever mood I am in.
I used the latest freebie from Designs by Krista. The other one, was subject Celebrate. I used a quick page from lilydesigns. It went real quick since I only had to put in a photo and some text. Normally I don't like very mucht to work this way, since I cannot put enough of * me * in the layout, but since I am on time schedule I thought it was ok for once. :) The Quickpage is soooo beautiful. Love it, I wish I could design pages like that.
Later that evening I watched a movie with Linda de Mol; Kleine Luge fur die Liebe. A nice lighthearted movie. She is a good actrice. I loved the series she played in; Spangen.
It has been quite a while ago since I watched a movie, I am more into series. I recorded Ghostwhisperer and Supernatural yesterday evening and later today I am going to watch them and record Bones :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

again new blog layout * scrapshopping * digi

Yes, it was time again for a blog layout changed. I wasn't too happy with the last outcome and today I have downloaded several new freebies and I fell in love with EASTER BLESSINGS from NBK. She is an amazingly talented designer; go check it out here.Don't you love the Easter look? Few more weeks and it's Easter, so just in time to enjoy.

And I am almost ashamed to put it on my blog, but I got another order in. This time some yummy papers from Bo Bunny; Alyssia. So beautiful and doublesided paper! I am so into doublesided paper these days.
Also Penny Lane from My Mind's Eye was on my wishlist as soon as I spotted it on the CHA list from My lifetime moments blog. It's amazing and it's got heavy weight paper and nice structure. PLUS it's doublesided!

And as last the "Bloom" version of Bloom and Grow. I already got Grow from scrapbookdepot and already made 2 layouts and 3 cards from it. The Bloom version is even more beautiful and again doublesided paper.
Nothing much to say. Friday afternoon I had to go unexpectedly to the bike repairer. There were strange noises in my bike and the stear had dropped down. So all afternoon was gone again. Saturday I went out for a bike ride. It was really beautiful weather, very warm already 13 degrees. Later in the evening I wanted to do a little scrapping but got a little accident. My fingers between a drawer, it hurted terribly. So no scrapping anymore. Today the pain was mostly gone, but I was surfing the net again and started working on my own scrap digi creations. It was one of my goals for this year, but I didn't do anything with it yet.
It's so difficult that I am doubting if I will ever learn. However, I probably want too much too soon. It will take quite some time to learn to developpe better Photoshop skills.... Buttt... I created 3 papers and 1 flower embie. so the beginning is there.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Look of my blog * Ice cold

Yep, it was time to make a change.... A change in the way my blog looks. I wanted a look that was more spring like. I used a great kit of Petit Monteaux. She creates wonderful kits. Don't you like the new look?

I also wanted to share a recent layout I made with the wonderful October Afternoon papers; good sheer. Photos are from the icing cold and winter period we had in the beginning of January this year.
It was so beautiful then....

Shopping * flower decorations Easter * new bike * migraine

It's been awhile since my last post. Nothing much to say or to show, it's been very busy at work. One of my colleagues is on maternity leave and it's crazy busy. I am too exhausted when I return from work to work on a layout or even a card.

Last Friday I already woke with a minor headache. Took some paracetamolls and worked the whole day. Not feeling good, the headache turned into a mirgraine early in the evening. It was really really bad this time. Haven't had such a heavy mirgraine attack in ages. I had to go to bed @ 18.30 hours or so. Couldn't sleep and the trobbing, aching pain only became worse and worse. Didn't know how to lie or how to keep it up. Fortunately I fell a sleep after a couple of hours.
Saturday I took more painkillers, the headache migraine was gone, but still my headache was present. In the evening it became even worse. But no migraine thank god.
Today, the headache still isn't gone, let's see how the day goes. I don't want to take anymore painkillers but have to go to work tomorrow again.

On to the nicer news; friday my recent order @ scrapbookdepot arrived. I ordered some cardstock;
to go with the my little shoebox papers I mentioned in my previous post;
Isn't it sooooo cute?
Don't you love the great colors? So cheerful and fun. I have to make a layout with these papers and send to Scrapnart.And finally my new Fiskars punches; Give it a swirl and Effervescence. I ordered them at scrapbookdepot, my favorite online store and today I checked and Effervescence is already sold out. These are so amazing! I really have to find time TODAY to make some cards with them. I now which I also had ordered apron lace at the same time. Well, I have 4 punches now, that should be enough. But that doily lace from Martha Stewart is to die for. So beautiful. Unfortunately it's not for sale in the Netherlands.

Next month is Easter, 12 april to be exact, and to get in the mood already our home is decorated with the most beautifully styled flowerdecorations. It's soft yellow with soft green flowers and of course some greenery together with an large egg filled with smaller little eggs and some feathers.

View from top, smaller decoration.
Top view from the large piece on the biggest table.
Side view large piece

Getting so in the mood for easter. Don't have the photo's of easter to come, but I already found the papers that would be sooooo great to go with them:
Ducks in a row by October Afternoon
(And while I am at it; the Cherry Hill collection is also stunningly beautiful. I will understand I have to have it. Unfortunately it's not known when its going to be shipped to stores in Holland, so waiting impatiently)

Last weekend I got my new Gazelle bike and it rides like a gem! I am so happy with it. Normally I always have to get used to new bikes, but this time not. Already the same day it felt like mine. So happy. However, I ride over muddy roads so it's already covered in dirt and I really, really must clean it. (some other time, since I am not feeling to great this whole weekend)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

new order * cards * a little bit spring

Nothing much new over here. I have been busy with some cards which I cannot show because I have all send them to different magazines. Also including one real magazine which is going in print (Canada) and I am soooooo hoping that I get selected, keeping fingers and toes crossed. I would be so amazing to see my card in print. But even if I don't succeede, I have enjoyed the progress and my cards are getting beter I think so I will keep making them.

I also * AGAIN * couldn't controle myself. When I saw that they had new borders of Fiskars @ Scrapbookdepot I had to have them. I saw many nice ones but only picked out two @ € 15.50 so not cheap. But when I see what I can make with them and how often I use them (on every layout and card) then I think it's ok to do so. I also ordered some My Little Shoebox papers; My Neighbourhood & Wonderful. I have never worked with papers of this brand but fell in love with the delicious colors and fun patters the moment I saw them. I think they are great for cards. Can hardly wait. :)

After days of rain saturday was a real nice sunny day and also today the sun is shining. There was a lot of wind I noticed when I went for a hours bike ride today, but on the way back I had it my back and it was real nice with the sun and blue sky and fluffy white clouds. So warm that I could ride with jacket open. It really gives the feeling spring is coming.

Gotta go, I want to finish a layout today and even have to start it.... I am behind on my goal of 2 layouts a week and it's only week 10. Sigh.... I never get through my stash of photos. Also still have to start on the Remember December 2008 mini album. Have to hurry otherwise it will be December 2009 again. The worst part is, I have the photo's printed out, so there is really no excuse anymore...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

** a TOOT!! **

I am published in the March issue of Scrapstreet.
Go check out my card.
I am so proud that I am again part of another great issue filled from top to botton with wonderful creations which will for sure inspire you.

Spring flowers * Jaaroverzicht 09 * scrapshopping

It is March already, so high time to get some flowers in the living who give the real spring feeling :) I am so fond of Gerbia's, roses and Ranokels, don't you love the yummy colors. I *so* want to scrap those with the Bittersweet papers of Basic Grey :) (Yep, after several cards, Valentines Projects and 2 Lo's I still have some scraps left - enough for at least 1 lo and card more)

This weekend my order @ Scrapbookdepot arrived. Of course I couldn't controle myself after I saw all the Sneak Peaks for the CHA 09 Winter. I already made a * small (yes really small only about 5 lines)* list for papers I really wanted. I still have so many papers lying around, but the new ones are so delicious, I had to have some of it.
This came out of my pizza box:
Great papers of My Mind's Eye; Bloom & Grow - Grow series. ( I already started working on a LO with these papers). IRL those papers are even more beautiful and the quality of the papers is superb! I also want to use it for some cards.
And what about Imaginisce papers? Isn't it cute? I *heart* the little birdy stamp. So adorable and cute to use for cards.
And this morning I finished the new weekly assignment for Jaaroverzicht 09; this time the theme was Energy.
That's it for now. This afternoon I will go for a walk in the woods, the sun is starting to shine as I am typing this. Yeah! :) And later I will be finishing my Lo and hopefully make a card. Still have some household chores to do. Sigh... well they also have to be done.