Monday, May 27, 2013

* View *

I want to change my view of the world, change my view of life. No more stressing no more negative energy flowing out of me. My new view of the world of living is a one vibrant with colors, shining in the early morning glow, screaming with chances, overflowing with challenges. All mine for the taking. Taking it one by one, step by step. Widening my view around me. There are so many beautiful things to see. So much fun to have. Let the sunshine in... let the sunshine in. Closing my eyes for negative things and vibes and feelings that always seem to seep through me, in my bones, in my thoughts. They are not mine they are from others. Let them keep the negative stuff. I want to fill my head, my heart with song, fun, love and positive energy. I want to keep my own view of the world and my life and what is happening...

* What do you want to be known for? *

While reading Ali Edwards blogs, there was a mentioning of this site of making a list every week on a subject. 52 lists I have been sneaking around for a while, but then decided to try it along. Seems there isn't been a new list for last week, so I decided to do week 19 and who knows, I might even do the other weeks as well :)
The background is a Texture from Kim Klassen and a photo by myself.

* Heritage *

This weeks challenge is heritage. Love how this one turned out.
It's my grandma's necklace which I have been wearing for years as a good luck charm.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

* A quick walk *

Confidence, red  & take heart are used for this weeks Texture Tuesday, Free and Easy Edition
This photo was taken not so long ago on a reasonable Sunny day, we haven't had many of those. So I was taking a quick walk and noticed these :)So beautiful...

Friday, May 10, 2013

* comfort *

All my life i have lived in my own comfort zone, safe. Nothing to stress me out. I felt comforted in my own house, my own life, by myself. Yet it seemed to become more of a less comforting feeling because of changes in my life. I need to go out and do things, go places, see people. Go out and about. Simply enjoying life more expresively. Stepping out of my comfort zone. Even though you want it, it is difficult to do. Yet I can pull strenght out of myself. I have done already so much out of my comfort zone. 
Specially since someone entered my life and without him knowing it, he turned it upside down. I have never been so much at ease, at comfort with myself. His present and his words and his actions have given me more confidence in myself. I am good who i am. I can do more than I think. I don't have to be negative about myself. I can find comfort in life and in other people and things around me. I just have to trust in myself. Accept myself. Be at ease with  myself and feel comfort  in my own skin and in my mind and head and thinking.
I can do it. Even if he is stepping out of my life I still need to keep that feeling of comfort being me.

* Color Pop *

This week the assignment over at texture tuesday is POP.
I used 3 textures; xanthe, paper 2, and marabella.
Loved playing along :)