Tuesday, June 28, 2011

* Summer fest *

Last Sunday I went to a summer fest which is a rather big happening here with a big procession.
It was very hot, really the beginning of summer. I took over 500 pictures, below a very small impression of a great day.

Today it's 34 degrees over here. Verrry hot. Don't like it one bit. But there is bad weather coming up with thunderstorm so it should be cooling down tomorrow.
Just hanging in there.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

* Quote *

Got this from sayingimages.com

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Monday, June 20, 2011

* Week 24 in Project Life *

I just finished week 24 of Project Life and yes I am still keeping up. That is with the weekly pages. I have still 5 more extra week pages on my to do list. I wonder if I ever get around to finishing them up? Who knows. But for now, I am happy that we are almost half year after I started this and I am still carrying my camera around everywhere to take photo's. I don't mind using a picture from the Internet as I did with this page. As long as it concerns something I am reading or watching, or something like that.
Supplies used for this page: write on tab from Misty Cato, Kit by Melissa Bennett Chemical Reaction & template by Yin Designs.
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

* A new card *

After a long time of no paper scrapping and card making, I finished yesterday a new card for a birthday coming up. Used some of my ver old stash; papers from little yellow bicycle, digi from Kenny K, text from Elegant wordart by Bethany, inside text from Creat with TLC, flowers from Kaiser Craft.

Inside the card another text.

Enjoy the rest of the sunday. Mine is rainy and too full of works to be done :(
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

* 5 minute friday: home *

Yesterday I found this great side; the gypsy mama. She challenges to write every friday for 5 minutes on a subject she gives to you. I thought that was a great idea to get my writing going again. So I am going to give this a try for some weeks.
This week's subject is Home.

Home is where the heart is. I truly believe in that one liner, and my heart is at home. I am a very homey person. I like spending time at my house, reading, listening to music, watching tv, photography, scrapping, surfing on the internet, photoshopping. There is so much to do (besides the chores and the works :)
It's a great place to hide out, when you are tired of the world. Its warm and comfy and you can be who ever you want to be at that moment in your life. Everybody understands.

My second home was always at my grandma's until she moved to a new home. Even though I was comfortable there, it never felt like the old house, where I have spend so many hours as a child. I can still remember so much about it. I can still see the carpet, red on the stairs. I can still see the velum with the square pattern on the kitchenfloor. The lace rugs on the tabletop. The coffee mill on the wall behind the door ( I loved to grind coffee as a child). The pots with flowers in the window. The couch itchy to the touch. The room I stayed in overnight, with the orange wallpaper. The sounds in the morning of the ships going by, the ships horns, the birds. There is so much to remember & treasure forever.

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* The simple life in June *

Today my post is for the simple woman's life daybook; june entry.

Outside my window.. the sky is a little cloudy, with only some sunshine now and then. There is a chill breeze. Just the perfect summer day for me to enjoy.

I am thinking.. that my long lazy holidayz filled with relaxing, reading, sleeping, watching series & DVD's, are almost over.

I am thankful for.. the fact that I found my compact camera back. Couldn't life without it & that I am almost recovered from the stomach flue. It's so good to be eating food again.

I am wearing... my favorite pair of esprit jeans and a great flower blouse from the Sting, with t-shirt otherwise I am too cold.

I am creating... the week in the life album, which is only been scrapped for one day only. The rest I will start tomorrow on because the weatherforecast says it will be raining, and what better to do on a rainy day than to do some scrapwork.

I am reading... the twelfth insight by James Redfield.

I am hearing... the birds.

Around the house... there is a lot to do today. Many chores; handwash, ironing, cleaning, cooking.

Looking forward to... the festival coming weekend. It's always fun to go somewhere and shoot some photo's.

Plans for the rest of the week... Go out to use my new point and shoot a lot. One Major; not getting stressed on the job!! Getting some scrapwork done.

My photo... go out, enjoy nature, relax.
(I used some raspberry roads elements for the frame)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

* Texture Tuesday *

Tuesday came and went and I was too ill to do something on this weeks challenge of Texture Tuesday. Thankfully it's a quick and easy challenge and you can use any image you want. So I used a shot of a rose. Shot on one of my walks with a point and shoot camera.
I used the following textures of Kim: Just cause, sweettart & the latest one Mayzee.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

* extra page to project life*

Yesterday I had the worst stomach flue ever. I have had it in the past but never as worse as it was and is still now. I never could imagine you couldn't go to work. Guess what, Now i can.
It is horrible! Couldn't eat, couldn't drink (that's the worst part) Stomach pains & cramps. Lying in bed all day. Doing nothing.
Well I think/hope that the worst part is over now. I am trying to drink some water. The first 2 sips went totally wrong, but it seems to be doing a bit better now. Currently nibbling on a rusk now. I do hope I can at least do some digi scrapping today or some reading & hoping it will all be over soon :)

Anyway, I am still keeping up with Project life even though I have been struggling at times. I have been a bad blogger with my layouts though. I cannot promise to change that anytime soon, cause I am very busy besides work with all my "side" projects.
However, here is one more extra page I did for last week. It wasn't an easy task to find papers and embies to fit with this page; I ended up using 2 kits of Eva Kipler Little moments & Best day ever & climp me. And some of Kristin Cronin Barrow's Sweet Escape & brushed up text from misty cato, all from Sweet Shoppe Designs.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

* Artjournaling page *

I started my first digital artpage today.
I have tried to do this in the past with paper and paint and cutting and pasting. But that didn't work for me. Now I found on the internet there is digi artjournaling. Wonderful! I got some stuff from Tangie Baxter and love it. I used it for this page, together with 2 embies from Raspberry Road Designs.
Since this is my first page, I am not completely unhappy with it. I like how the colors turned out. I love the mixing and matching and blending.
Guess I have a new addiction :)
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

* in the Garden *

This week the challenge is Gardening over at Texture Tuesday. While my own garden is nothing much to photograph, I was recently at my aunts and took this shot. I love the combination of green, stone and wood. On this photo I used stained linen & Just cause. And adjusted some levels and this is the outcome.
Again the entries are amazing these week. go check it out yourself.
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