Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy week without cards or scraps

It has been quite a busy weeks (I seem to have lots of those weeks lately) Busy at work, I haven't been feeling to well for some days, but thankfully that seems to be over. Or at least I am hoping so. A lot of people are down with the cold or with the flu. 2 of my colleagues were ill and stayed home and almost everyone is having a cold. Only I seem to get through it this time, still keeping fingers crossed for that!
I had 2 small parties this week; a new year party from work which was quite nice, even though I didn't stay too long and yesterday evening I had a dinner at a chinese restaurant with some colleagues and some people who left the company years ago. Now and then we have a dinner together, about 2 times a year which is always very nice. Unfortunately 2 people had to cancell so we were only with 5 this time.
Anyway, these parties and lack of enery are the reason I have no card this week to show, to bad because the sketches over at 2S4Y are great as ever, but I plan to make some cards tomorrow. Still have one to make for a birthday which is next week.

It is getting colder again and it seems like the iceskates can be put on again. I went for a walk in the woods this afternoon (still some X Mas pounds to loose - let's say about 5!) and it was very cold. The weatherforecast says it might be snowing tomorrow. Of course it's a wonderful sight but I hope it won't happen.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This week my order from Scrapbookdepot arrived; I ordered some white cardstock to use as background (not shown on photo) and some cheerful sprinklike papers from Daisy Bucket (I love green in all shades from bright to dark :) ) and soem flowers because I rand out of the pink ones and as last some wonderful tiny stamps which are great to use on cards. See for yourself:And yesterday I went to town to H&M to do some shopping. The store was already filled with fresh colors for spring; a lot of sweaters etc. So nice to see bright fun colors again after the dark and grey colors like brown, black and grey in winter.
But, I contained myself and both only one item (earlier this week I bought a t-shirt and a warm sweater which was on sale for only 5 euro's!! and it looks like it will be getting colder again next week again.)
I also finished the 4th assignment for the "Jaaroverzicht 2009" on the forum. This one was easy since it was about what you had bought or are going to buy this week. Well as you can see I used the photo's above for my layout.
I hope to do some scrapping today; a layout and a babycard which I want to send to Scrapstreet ( I want to use my new stamps of course :) ) But also a lot of household chores need to be done, so I will see.

Friday, January 23, 2009

2S4U sketch#18

I am a little late this week in posting my card for this weeks sketch over at 2 sketches for you. I started Wednesday already but was only able to finish it now. Just how bad is that?!?! (Blush)
But better late than never, right?
I had fun playing again with this great sketch. On the photo it looks like a brown and pink combo, while in fact it's a purple and brown combo. I have very bad lighting at the moment, but will post a better photo tomorrow.
I used my new borderpunch! Yeah.
This was the sketch we had to use:
This is my take on the sketch:
Supplies: White cardstock, bazzill basic purple and pink, Basic Grey Eva papers; scalloped sciccors, Fiskars lacy days of summer borderpunch, ribbon.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Winter 2008

It's about time for a new layout. This one I created last sunday evening and used my new super papers from October Afternoon Good Cheer.
I just love the bright colors and the snow theme. These pictures were takeng during the first snow fall back in november last year.
Thankfully we had a period of real winter over a week ago and I took many photo's of the woods covered in snow and ice on the rivers. (Have to sort it out and print some of those) The snow is now completely gone and it's been raining already for some days. It's hard to believe we had such a wonderful winterworld when you look outside now. Monday last, was the last day with snow and ice skating. The winterperiode took about 2 to 3 weeks, which is quite long. But it's still winter, and who knows what is still to come.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

CPS card #99

It has been an Xtremeley busy week at work and I had hardly time to relax so hardly any time to sit down and play with some papers and make some cards.
I only managed one card so far; this time I choose a sketch of CPS. As soon as I saw the sketch I knew I wanted to use my just bought papers from October Afternoon - Good Cheer.
These papers are so lovely to work with, so it's only my own doing that I am not so happy with how the card turned out. I have the feeling something is missing, but I enjoyed some "ME" time and it was very relaxing and that's very important to me so I decided to put it up anyway :)
Supplies: white cardstock; October Afternoon papers Good Cheer; Make Me snowflake punch, Bazzill Basic Red & Green; pen; Fiskars threading water punch; scissors.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Super Sweet Challenge

I found a wonderfull challenge at the pagemaps site. The theme was Sweet and the Sketch very nice to use. And immediately I know I had some wonderful photo's to go with this,0 so I decided to make a layout and I am so happy with out it turned out that I want to enter as well.
Supplies: Basic Grey Bittersweet papers; Bazzill basics pink; American Craft pink thickers; ribbo'; white gelpen; hero arts stamp; pink chalk; hotfix with crystals; bazzill basic swirl shape; Artemio flowers; flower brads; borderpunch.

I just bought some Bittersweet papers and they would be perfect for this layout - the colors perfectly matching his pink T-shirt and I got the chance to win the complete series of this papers! (that would be great since I am on budget I only bought 4 papers to use for some layouts and cards)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Sunday in the evening it started snowing and Monday 05/01/09 everything was fairytale like. Stunningly beautiful. I was lucky enough to get the day off from work and I went into the woods to try to get some beautiful photo's.
I tried my landscape lens for the second time only even though I have it for several months now. (Bad me) and at first when I looked the photo's back on the camera I was disappointed with how they turned out and very, very sorry I didn't use the telelens I normally use.
In the afternoon I went agan with the other lens, but the light wasn't as pretty as it was in the morning. However when I put the photos (I took over 600!!! MY GOSH!!! Far too much!) on the PC and looked at them the landscape lens photo's were good and I am very pleased with the result of some of them. I still have to sort them all out and delete the bad ones since I took far too much photo's.
Remember I posted the valentine card and said I could only show one because I send the other to an online magazine in hopes of getting published?
Welllll..... My card was chosen!!! I got the e-mail earlier in this week and I am soooooo happy and excited with this. It will be pubbed in the February issue of Scrapstreet. I can hardly believe it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2S4Y card

I am so in the card making mood lately so since it was monday I thought to try my hand at the latest sketch at 2S4Y which I finished yesterday evening.
The sketch to work with was great - as always and I decided to use fun & bright colors to give a sunny mood (while it's so cold and freezing over here)
Here's my version of the sketch.

Supplies: white cardstock; green and pink bazzill, K&company Berry papers pad, pin, ribbon, ink, thickers and hot fix stones (just luv those to add some bling bling)

I plan to make the bonus sketch as well but that will have to wait until later this evening.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New layout & Jaaroverzicht 2009

The year already started good for me. On the first day I already went out to shoot and today I did again. There was frost on the leaves on the ground but also frost on the trees. I went to do woods in hopes of getting some landscape scenery shots. I did get some shots, but they didn't turn out to be visable with frost a lot.... too bad. So again I went for close-ups:

And one of my personal favorites - even when it's not frosty:

Yesterday I also managed to finish the first layout of 2009!

Just now I was surfing a little on the I-net and found there is a new fun challenge for this year on one of the forums. It's called: Jaaroverzicht 2009. Every week there will be a challenge posted on Wednesday. Again I want to participate, just as I wanted last year with the paperadventure 2008. I was stuck after 19 weeks. This time I really want to keep up; so I am doing it digitally. Which makes it - for me - far more easier. I have always the photo I want to use handy. I have lots of digital kits to use and digital layouts are made quicker :) I already finished the first challenge, and I am sooo planning to keep it up - a good new resolution.
The Scrappersanonimous - forum can be found here.

Friday, January 2, 2009

First photo's of 2009

Today we put down the Christmas Tree again. Its new year and time to move on now. It always leaves a big empty spot at first in the living room, but every year I get used to it quicker than I expect.

Yesterday I went to the woods to photograph. I am not too pleased with how the photo's turned out. The light was rather bad, a bit dark so it was difficult to get shots with out the blur of the camera shake. But I sorted out the best ones as below. They give a nice impression of the winter and the current cold.During the night it was minus 8 degrees and during the day it was around zero degrees.
My fingers were stiff and I could hardly use them to press the shutter. (just one of the excuses I used to talk my bad photo's good :) )

Today started with a lot of fog and the roads are slippery so I'm not sure if I will be going to the city to shop (it's sale time :) ) as I planned to.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best wishes for 2009!
I have a lot of good resolutions for this year:

1) relax and enjoy life more
2) improve my photographic skils & maybe start a flickr account.
3) scrap more :)
4) improve my photoshop skills
5) make lots of cards - or at least more than I do now :)
What are your new year's resolutions?
Have you checked out Ali's website on the word of 2009?

I have chosen mine for this year: RELAX.
I want to take life more as it comes along the way and not worry about a lot of things anymore. Just to sit back and see what happens. Not to overthink problems a lot. Have a little faith...