Saturday, August 27, 2011

* 5 min friday *

It's been awhile, guess life kept me busy, but here I go again:

Funny thing because my birthday was just a couple of weeks ago. 33 already. Time flies. But I guess I like being older. I am much comfortable in my own skin than I was 10 or 15 years ago. With time and age come wisdom, they say and that is true. I value myself more than back then.
The other side is, I can also notice at my body I am getting older. I have more grey in my hair (thank god it's not so visable yet, but those days will come as well) I have more wrinkles when I smile now. But those I treasure, because it tells me no matter what happened in my life, I still had fun and it gives strength to face what ever comes your way.
I have gained some pounds and those are there to stay i think because over time I have found it harder to loose some extra gained weight after holidays again.
That's all part of the plan of changing and evolving when time passes. Inside is to treasure, the outside will become of less importance.
But never under estimate a good cleaning routine, a good day and night creme for your age and lots of sleep :)

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* Project life Week 35 extra page *

I finished my first page with the autumn kits just now. I love it :)
I used mostly meghan mullens flavors of fall, some embies from I heart fall. I used a template from Yin Designs which I modified to fit my needed numer of photo's for the layout.
The photo's I took are from today, and it's clearly visable that autumn is starting early this year. For some weeks now I am spotting muchrooms (because of all the rains we have had this summer they are early. Maybe I will take some shots more tomorrow and slightly modify the photo's used, or I will make another page.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
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* Shopping at SSD *

Since last week Saturday there is a huge sale over at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Already last week too much disappeared in my shopping cart and again today, I bought 3 (just 3 :) I am proud of my self restrain) more kits from the sale. I was specifically looking for autumn themed kits.
I love autumn, it's my favorite time of the year. I started working on a 20x15 cm album filled with memories of autumn and halloween from 2007, I will post some layouts in a while. But it's fun to use several kits in the album instead of just one. So I searched for some in the sale. Last week I already got me some halloween themed kits. (love it, though in this part of holland, there is hardly anthing going on re. Halloween, sigh)
I found some awesome kits of Meghan Mullens.

Sale: I just love the hint of summer fading into autumn of the 2 above. It's great for photo's from early september & when autumn colors are not so vibrant.
New release from today. I love it, specially the purple, such an amazing kit & the owls are just too cute.

New release of this Saturday, love it totally, the colors, the embies. I know I will  use it a lot.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

* Feeling sick *

Since yesterday afternoon I started having a terrible soar throat. Had a very bad night of sleep, almost none. Terrible day at work. Losing my voice more and more.
All day drinking tea, water and eating sweets for my throat. Let's see how tomorrow goes, because I am feeling more and more aweful. Think I will come down with the flue or something. Really, couldn't be at a worse moment than now. I have the weekend fully planned with fun stuff....

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

* Project life Week 31 *

Just finished the latest layout for project life. It was quite the busy week but I enjoyed it very much :)
I used Sisterhood by Julie Billingsley , date tags are from Penny Springham. Template from Yin designs, but I changed it around to fit for 7 photo's.
Monday back to work. It will be heavy rains and storms again tonight and tomorrow. It is not the average Summer weather we have over here. Today was good, though at 4 and at 8 pm there were heavy rains, just as it did yesterday evening. See how it goes tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of your sunday!
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Friday, August 5, 2011

* Clean & Simple layout *

I made a clean and simple layout of a photo I took today. It was a beautiful warm day (but enough wind to make it nice you know, not too stiffling or hot) and I used a mask and wordart from suddenly Artistic. I really love the outcome.
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