Saturday, August 27, 2011

* 5 min friday *

It's been awhile, guess life kept me busy, but here I go again:

Funny thing because my birthday was just a couple of weeks ago. 33 already. Time flies. But I guess I like being older. I am much comfortable in my own skin than I was 10 or 15 years ago. With time and age come wisdom, they say and that is true. I value myself more than back then.
The other side is, I can also notice at my body I am getting older. I have more grey in my hair (thank god it's not so visable yet, but those days will come as well) I have more wrinkles when I smile now. But those I treasure, because it tells me no matter what happened in my life, I still had fun and it gives strength to face what ever comes your way.
I have gained some pounds and those are there to stay i think because over time I have found it harder to loose some extra gained weight after holidays again.
That's all part of the plan of changing and evolving when time passes. Inside is to treasure, the outside will become of less importance.
But never under estimate a good cleaning routine, a good day and night creme for your age and lots of sleep :)

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  1. Visiting via the Gypsy Mama :). It's so true that life keeps us occupied sometimes, far away from the keyboard. I like the idea of becoming comfortable in our own skin - I think I have a bit of travelling to go before I get there myself, though.