Tuesday, June 10, 2014

* Healthy food *

My entry for this weeks Texture Tuesday over at Kim Klassen.

Did a shoot today with food and later it turned in my evening meal :) Tasted good. Lots of vegatables.
I edited it in Elements and added carol and subtlyyours to the image at soft light and masked some out on the plate.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

* floral love *

Took a walk today, sun was shining bright, so I took my camera along. Too bad it was very windy so most of the shots of flowers went down hill. But this one's pretty :)

I used Isobel, texture from Kim Klassen.

Enjoy your Easter Holiday.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

* 14 for 2014 *

A "little" late but I need to work on my blogging schedule :). My goals and plans for this year around.
  1. Learning to use Illustrator and create
  2. Getting to know Photoshop better and create
  3. Improving my photographic skills and create
  4. At least once a month writing a piece for 5 min friday and create
  5. At least once a month making a shot and work on it in PS for Texture Tuesday and create
  6. Making 52 lists for this year
  7. Doing my excersises for my health 3 times a week. This is a must.
  8. Eating more healthy foods than junkfood, so cutting back in fat and sugar
  9. Creating a happy and balanced life
  10. Relaxing and working on reducing my stress levels
  11. Work is important but not so impartant that it can ruin my health or my happiness. This is a must!
  12. No more worrying. Set 15 minutes a day to worry on something and than stop
  13. Finding something good in everyday
  14. Working on being a happy healthy person who enjoys life and all it brings :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

* Encouragement *

Now and then everybody needs some encouragement because life can be hard sometimes. That's also the reason why people forget about it. Because life is hard and they have their own problems to take care off. There are always 2 parts to balance it out. Light and dark, day and night, ebb and high tide, ying and yang, black and white. There are always contradictions. That's part of life. Sometimes the bad looks so much heavier than the bright side. you would forget that there is and always will come light when the days are dark. You only have to trust, keep positive. Try to smile even when you cannot. See the love in the things around you that will touch your heart and make you feel better when you let them. If only you let them. There is music, there is song, there is a good book, a favorite tv show, the birds singing, a joke from a friend, a text on your phone with a happy face, a stunningly beautiful photograph, a good plate of yummy and healthy food. It's difficult to keep going when there are no people around to encourage you, but never forget you have the courage in your own mind, body and soul. It is never completely dark. never.

Again unable to leave a comment @ http://sharybary.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/five-minute-friday-encouragement/
so here goes:
Give what you need sounds true, but than there’s is that little voice again… It can be difficult to trust and keep going.
Thank you for your words

* My word for 2014 ... *

My Word For This Year:

The dictionary says:

1. to cause to come into being, as something unique, to cause to come into existence
2. to evolve from one's imagination, as a work of art or an invention.
3. to perform (a role) in the first production of a play or motion picture.
4. to make by investing with new rank; designate: to create a peer.
5. to arrange or bring about, as by intention or design: to create confusion.
6. to do something creative

I didn’t start thinking about my word for 2014 until I saw Ali Edwards photo on Instagram. Almost immediately it came to me while other years I need to look deep and ponder it over some days.
CREATE is my word for 2014.
I want to get more creative.
And that means so much. Creative in making things, creative with my time, creative to work on happy balanced life. Creative to deal with the challenges I have to face. Creating dreams and making them true this year around.