Wednesday, January 22, 2014

* 14 for 2014 *

A "little" late but I need to work on my blogging schedule :). My goals and plans for this year around.
  1. Learning to use Illustrator and create
  2. Getting to know Photoshop better and create
  3. Improving my photographic skills and create
  4. At least once a month writing a piece for 5 min friday and create
  5. At least once a month making a shot and work on it in PS for Texture Tuesday and create
  6. Making 52 lists for this year
  7. Doing my excersises for my health 3 times a week. This is a must.
  8. Eating more healthy foods than junkfood, so cutting back in fat and sugar
  9. Creating a happy and balanced life
  10. Relaxing and working on reducing my stress levels
  11. Work is important but not so impartant that it can ruin my health or my happiness. This is a must!
  12. No more worrying. Set 15 minutes a day to worry on something and than stop
  13. Finding something good in everyday
  14. Working on being a happy healthy person who enjoys life and all it brings :)


  1. sounds much like my list for the year. My word for the year is Healthy and while I haven't been perfect in these first 24 days it does help to have this little word in the back of my head. I loved your list and Happy New Year, may we both do less worrying and eat less sugar.

  2. I'm interested to see if the 15 minute worrying thing works!