Monday, November 29, 2010

* Sunday's Photo's *

These are yesterdays photo's when I was out in the woods, trying to take shots of the first real frost around here. It was cold and I wore thin gloves so I could keep them on while photography, but still my fingers were half frozen. But ... I like the result.

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* first snow*

Today the first snow of the winter fell. It wasn't expected in the area where I live, but still.
It is a beautiful sight, the whole world covered in snow. I hope I can shoot some photo's tomorrow, but at the same time, I don't like it too much because of the traffic chaos and accidents happening.
Thankfully, most of the roads I ride, were either wiped clean, and/or salted. So I was reasonably able to ride the bike. It only took me 15 minutes longer than usual to get home ;)Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

* Flower decoration *

This is the latest flowerdecoration, again a wreath but this time all in green colors with a candle light holder. One is standing on the salon table and one on the dining table and it really looks great. It always is nice to have flowers in the living room, I think. It gives warmth and a comfy homey feeling.
Just a few more weeks, and than the first christmas decoration will be made. I can hardly wait. With Chrismas coming, I really should do something about the layout of my blog. It has this header since spring I think. Also I have bought so many digi kits around the christmas theme lately, (also for my december daily digi) that I must do something about it. Very soon I promise!
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

* Magical Christmas *

I have to start working on my Christmas Cards now, if I want to finish everything early and on time enough before Christmas. So last evening I made one after the sketch of CardPatterns.
What I love about this card is that all stuff used, doesn't come from official scrapbook stores. The papers & rhinestones come from Kruidvat and were a gift of my mom. The lilac paper is from another store Euroland or something. The ribbon from a Garden Center and the trees from Wibra :)

Well gotta move on and go to work now. It's raining - again.
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Friday, November 5, 2010

* Cool Dude *

I needed to created a new card for my nephew who is celebrating his birthday this weekend. So what better opportunity to do a round with my favorite challenge blogs to pick out a sketch to use. I have chosen for sketch #68 of Dutch card lovers for my card. I wanted something fancy and extreme, but that didn't work, so that one ended in the trashbin and my card turned out rather simple. But I think the colors make it spark.
Hope he will like it.
Furthermore, I am trying my hand at a December Daily booklet this year - again. Last year I tried it and made my paper album in advance. And it's still lying around somewhere. Empty! So this time I am doing it digital. I have both 2 digi kits and made 2 pre-layouts already, so I only have to add a photo. Hopefully this will work for my this year.

Well, it's friday finally, so have a nice weekend. Let's hope it will stop raining.
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