Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy week without cards or scraps

It has been quite a busy weeks (I seem to have lots of those weeks lately) Busy at work, I haven't been feeling to well for some days, but thankfully that seems to be over. Or at least I am hoping so. A lot of people are down with the cold or with the flu. 2 of my colleagues were ill and stayed home and almost everyone is having a cold. Only I seem to get through it this time, still keeping fingers crossed for that!
I had 2 small parties this week; a new year party from work which was quite nice, even though I didn't stay too long and yesterday evening I had a dinner at a chinese restaurant with some colleagues and some people who left the company years ago. Now and then we have a dinner together, about 2 times a year which is always very nice. Unfortunately 2 people had to cancell so we were only with 5 this time.
Anyway, these parties and lack of enery are the reason I have no card this week to show, to bad because the sketches over at 2S4Y are great as ever, but I plan to make some cards tomorrow. Still have one to make for a birthday which is next week.

It is getting colder again and it seems like the iceskates can be put on again. I went for a walk in the woods this afternoon (still some X Mas pounds to loose - let's say about 5!) and it was very cold. The weatherforecast says it might be snowing tomorrow. Of course it's a wonderful sight but I hope it won't happen.

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