Friday, January 2, 2009

First photo's of 2009

Today we put down the Christmas Tree again. Its new year and time to move on now. It always leaves a big empty spot at first in the living room, but every year I get used to it quicker than I expect.

Yesterday I went to the woods to photograph. I am not too pleased with how the photo's turned out. The light was rather bad, a bit dark so it was difficult to get shots with out the blur of the camera shake. But I sorted out the best ones as below. They give a nice impression of the winter and the current cold.During the night it was minus 8 degrees and during the day it was around zero degrees.
My fingers were stiff and I could hardly use them to press the shutter. (just one of the excuses I used to talk my bad photo's good :) )

Today started with a lot of fog and the roads are slippery so I'm not sure if I will be going to the city to shop (it's sale time :) ) as I planned to.

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