Saturday, January 3, 2009

New layout & Jaaroverzicht 2009

The year already started good for me. On the first day I already went out to shoot and today I did again. There was frost on the leaves on the ground but also frost on the trees. I went to do woods in hopes of getting some landscape scenery shots. I did get some shots, but they didn't turn out to be visable with frost a lot.... too bad. So again I went for close-ups:

And one of my personal favorites - even when it's not frosty:

Yesterday I also managed to finish the first layout of 2009!

Just now I was surfing a little on the I-net and found there is a new fun challenge for this year on one of the forums. It's called: Jaaroverzicht 2009. Every week there will be a challenge posted on Wednesday. Again I want to participate, just as I wanted last year with the paperadventure 2008. I was stuck after 19 weeks. This time I really want to keep up; so I am doing it digitally. Which makes it - for me - far more easier. I have always the photo I want to use handy. I have lots of digital kits to use and digital layouts are made quicker :) I already finished the first challenge, and I am sooo planning to keep it up - a good new resolution.
The Scrappersanonimous - forum can be found here.

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