Saturday, January 10, 2009

Last Sunday in the evening it started snowing and Monday 05/01/09 everything was fairytale like. Stunningly beautiful. I was lucky enough to get the day off from work and I went into the woods to try to get some beautiful photo's.
I tried my landscape lens for the second time only even though I have it for several months now. (Bad me) and at first when I looked the photo's back on the camera I was disappointed with how they turned out and very, very sorry I didn't use the telelens I normally use.
In the afternoon I went agan with the other lens, but the light wasn't as pretty as it was in the morning. However when I put the photos (I took over 600!!! MY GOSH!!! Far too much!) on the PC and looked at them the landscape lens photo's were good and I am very pleased with the result of some of them. I still have to sort them all out and delete the bad ones since I took far too much photo's.
Remember I posted the valentine card and said I could only show one because I send the other to an online magazine in hopes of getting published?
Welllll..... My card was chosen!!! I got the e-mail earlier in this week and I am soooooo happy and excited with this. It will be pubbed in the February issue of Scrapstreet. I can hardly believe it.

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