Saturday, June 18, 2011

* The simple life in June *

Today my post is for the simple woman's life daybook; june entry.

Outside my window.. the sky is a little cloudy, with only some sunshine now and then. There is a chill breeze. Just the perfect summer day for me to enjoy.

I am thinking.. that my long lazy holidayz filled with relaxing, reading, sleeping, watching series & DVD's, are almost over.

I am thankful for.. the fact that I found my compact camera back. Couldn't life without it & that I am almost recovered from the stomach flue. It's so good to be eating food again.

I am wearing... my favorite pair of esprit jeans and a great flower blouse from the Sting, with t-shirt otherwise I am too cold.

I am creating... the week in the life album, which is only been scrapped for one day only. The rest I will start tomorrow on because the weatherforecast says it will be raining, and what better to do on a rainy day than to do some scrapwork.

I am reading... the twelfth insight by James Redfield.

I am hearing... the birds.

Around the house... there is a lot to do today. Many chores; handwash, ironing, cleaning, cooking.

Looking forward to... the festival coming weekend. It's always fun to go somewhere and shoot some photo's.

Plans for the rest of the week... Go out to use my new point and shoot a lot. One Major; not getting stressed on the job!! Getting some scrapwork done.

My photo... go out, enjoy nature, relax.
(I used some raspberry roads elements for the frame)


  1. Beautiful, it is just so little that I can pearly see it:)

  2. Sorry you were ill.
    But, it sounds like you made the best of it and got some good rest.
    Nice to visit you via Peggy's Daybook:)