Wednesday, June 15, 2011

* extra page to project life*

Yesterday I had the worst stomach flue ever. I have had it in the past but never as worse as it was and is still now. I never could imagine you couldn't go to work. Guess what, Now i can.
It is horrible! Couldn't eat, couldn't drink (that's the worst part) Stomach pains & cramps. Lying in bed all day. Doing nothing.
Well I think/hope that the worst part is over now. I am trying to drink some water. The first 2 sips went totally wrong, but it seems to be doing a bit better now. Currently nibbling on a rusk now. I do hope I can at least do some digi scrapping today or some reading & hoping it will all be over soon :)

Anyway, I am still keeping up with Project life even though I have been struggling at times. I have been a bad blogger with my layouts though. I cannot promise to change that anytime soon, cause I am very busy besides work with all my "side" projects.
However, here is one more extra page I did for last week. It wasn't an easy task to find papers and embies to fit with this page; I ended up using 2 kits of Eva Kipler Little moments & Best day ever & climp me. And some of Kristin Cronin Barrow's Sweet Escape & brushed up text from misty cato, all from Sweet Shoppe Designs.
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