Monday, May 27, 2013

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I want to change my view of the world, change my view of life. No more stressing no more negative energy flowing out of me. My new view of the world of living is a one vibrant with colors, shining in the early morning glow, screaming with chances, overflowing with challenges. All mine for the taking. Taking it one by one, step by step. Widening my view around me. There are so many beautiful things to see. So much fun to have. Let the sunshine in... let the sunshine in. Closing my eyes for negative things and vibes and feelings that always seem to seep through me, in my bones, in my thoughts. They are not mine they are from others. Let them keep the negative stuff. I want to fill my head, my heart with song, fun, love and positive energy. I want to keep my own view of the world and my life and what is happening...


  1. Beautiful photograph. It is easy to lose perspective.

  2. What a beautiful photo and post full of Light and positive energy.... May you be granted the grace to put negative thoughts and perspectives behind and live in the positive. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I really enjoyed your post! visiting from FMF.