Sunday, June 9, 2013

* 5 min friday - fall *

Fall.... I am in a free fall at this moment. Letting it all go, memories as they come and go. Mesmorized by something silly. Staring out the window, seeing, actually seeing the grass ripple by the hard summer winds that are currently blowing. Squeezing my eyes shut against the vibrant sun, yet still I cannot only feel the suns warmth on my face but also seeping through my eyelashes. It is simply not possible to shut out the sun. No matter how dark you think it is, or you are feeling, the sun will rise again. Just let it all go an float through you like a never ending river. The water will rinse you clean. Clean of the past's negative thoughts. Seeing and feeling my own soul reaching for the surface after falling down deep down in my heart. Yet it's still there. It never was gone. Never completely gone. I can feel my true soul and my self climbing upwards again to meet the sun.

I cannot leave my reaction at thesusanblog (; so here goes:
life is a never ending race of stuff which needs to be done. That is so true and life these days only seems to get faster and faster. Hope you will find the time you need to rejoice in the lord and be close. thanks for sharing your inspirational thoughts.

I have read so many 5 min text which I would love to comment but there isn't an option available for me to log in. So I want to thank you all for sharing your stories here.

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  1. I love your comments about the sun, and how it will rise again. Encouraging. Keep writing.