Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shopping * flower decorations Easter * new bike * migraine

It's been awhile since my last post. Nothing much to say or to show, it's been very busy at work. One of my colleagues is on maternity leave and it's crazy busy. I am too exhausted when I return from work to work on a layout or even a card.

Last Friday I already woke with a minor headache. Took some paracetamolls and worked the whole day. Not feeling good, the headache turned into a mirgraine early in the evening. It was really really bad this time. Haven't had such a heavy mirgraine attack in ages. I had to go to bed @ 18.30 hours or so. Couldn't sleep and the trobbing, aching pain only became worse and worse. Didn't know how to lie or how to keep it up. Fortunately I fell a sleep after a couple of hours.
Saturday I took more painkillers, the headache migraine was gone, but still my headache was present. In the evening it became even worse. But no migraine thank god.
Today, the headache still isn't gone, let's see how the day goes. I don't want to take anymore painkillers but have to go to work tomorrow again.

On to the nicer news; friday my recent order @ scrapbookdepot arrived. I ordered some cardstock;
to go with the my little shoebox papers I mentioned in my previous post;
Isn't it sooooo cute?
Don't you love the great colors? So cheerful and fun. I have to make a layout with these papers and send to Scrapnart.And finally my new Fiskars punches; Give it a swirl and Effervescence. I ordered them at scrapbookdepot, my favorite online store and today I checked and Effervescence is already sold out. These are so amazing! I really have to find time TODAY to make some cards with them. I now which I also had ordered apron lace at the same time. Well, I have 4 punches now, that should be enough. But that doily lace from Martha Stewart is to die for. So beautiful. Unfortunately it's not for sale in the Netherlands.

Next month is Easter, 12 april to be exact, and to get in the mood already our home is decorated with the most beautifully styled flowerdecorations. It's soft yellow with soft green flowers and of course some greenery together with an large egg filled with smaller little eggs and some feathers.

View from top, smaller decoration.
Top view from the large piece on the biggest table.
Side view large piece

Getting so in the mood for easter. Don't have the photo's of easter to come, but I already found the papers that would be sooooo great to go with them:
Ducks in a row by October Afternoon
(And while I am at it; the Cherry Hill collection is also stunningly beautiful. I will understand I have to have it. Unfortunately it's not known when its going to be shipped to stores in Holland, so waiting impatiently)

Last weekend I got my new Gazelle bike and it rides like a gem! I am so happy with it. Normally I always have to get used to new bikes, but this time not. Already the same day it felt like mine. So happy. However, I ride over muddy roads so it's already covered in dirt and I really, really must clean it. (some other time, since I am not feeling to great this whole weekend)

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