Monday, March 23, 2009

Jaaroverzicht 09 * Kleine Lüge für die Liebe

I am a little behind on digital layouts on the yearproject I follow on one of the forums I read. Last Sunday - in the evening - I finished 2 of them.
The first one should go on the subject thank you. I changed it to thankful for. I am * so * thankful for music. I couldn't imagine my life without it. Without it, I would be nothing, empty. Music makes me happy, makes me sad, cheers me up, never leaves me and is always there to fit whatever mood I am in.
I used the latest freebie from Designs by Krista. The other one, was subject Celebrate. I used a quick page from lilydesigns. It went real quick since I only had to put in a photo and some text. Normally I don't like very mucht to work this way, since I cannot put enough of * me * in the layout, but since I am on time schedule I thought it was ok for once. :) The Quickpage is soooo beautiful. Love it, I wish I could design pages like that.
Later that evening I watched a movie with Linda de Mol; Kleine Luge fur die Liebe. A nice lighthearted movie. She is a good actrice. I loved the series she played in; Spangen.
It has been quite a while ago since I watched a movie, I am more into series. I recorded Ghostwhisperer and Supernatural yesterday evening and later today I am going to watch them and record Bones :)

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