Thursday, March 26, 2009

Terug naar de Kust * H&M

This week I finished the first time read a novel by Saskia Noort. It's a very well written book and I enjoyed it very much. It's about a single mother who is a singer in a band. She gets threatened after undergoing an abortion. She runs to savety to her sister in her parents house. She thinks she runs to safety but instead she runs right into the trap.
It's isn't really exiting but it was a good read and I am surely planning to read more from her
Currently I am reading; Peter Tremayne's Dood van een Pelgrim. Also a recently newly found writer I am enjoying to read.

Yesterday evening I started working on a new layout with my Bo Bunny papers'Alyssia. So beautiful. I only had an hour or so, so it's not finished by a long shot. But since I have a free evening tomorrow, I hope I can finish it by then.
I already drifted away from my goal to make 2 layouts in one week, in order to get 100 layouts in 2009. Anyway, I will enjoy the proces and see how far I come.

Just placed a new online order @ H&M since I got a coupon for 10% discount. Ordered 3 blouses and 2 linnen trouwsers for the summer. I will be delivered early april, keeping fingers crossed that everything will fit. :)

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