Sunday, November 1, 2009

* Back to blogging *

It has been a while since I last blogged and I missed it. I have been feeling not well for some time now; headaches every other day, couching, cold etc and hardly any energy left to blog or scrap for that matter. My last project was a card and it's been 3 weeks ago. (Shame on my for neglecting my fav challenge blogs all that time.)
Now I am feeling a bit better, I have had some days of of which I have been feeling 5 days ill and 2 days down with a heavy migraine attack. So let's hope the headaches are now gone for good.

I have finished a digi layout last week though (quick and easy! :) ) for the yearoverview. Theme of that week was prepare yourself and I gave it a funny twist saying that I am preparing to win the lotery :) I am still behind 3 pages and also have to make this weeks assignment, I have it planned in my head, but still need to find time to make it.
Last few days were lots of fun; buying some new plants and stuff for the garden.
And going for walks in the woods. I mentioned already, but I LOVE autumn; the colors, the wind and even sometimes the rain. With sometimes I mean when I don't have to ride my bike through this weather. But nature is so beautiful, take a look at the pictures I took. Think they will make a great autumn layout this year.

Plus I did some pumpkin carving, but still need to take some shots of it in the evening, so you will get those photo's later.
Gotta go now, because I still want to try to find time and make a card. I want to make one for one of my colleagues who is about to move to a new home.
Have a nice sunday!
PS I changed the look of my blog to be fitting to the Autumn. What do you think?

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