Tuesday, October 25, 2011

* Scrapping plans for 2012 *

This year my biggest Scrapproject is Project Life. It has consumed me wholey (it that a word?) and completely. I wanted to do more projects and even though they have started, they are still on my hard disk waiting to be finished. Project Life is a great project to undertake, but it has given me a lot of stress and headaches as well. I know that this is partly because I am a perfectionist who doesn't what to use the same kind of photo's each time, and it kept me stressing on what to shoot because of that, for every-single-day! I am happy to say, I am still keeping up for the weekly pages, except for some extra pages of summer I am still hoping to finish. I am also too stubborn to quite, specially since it's only 10 more weeks to the final week of 2011.
You might be guessing already that this project will never be on my to do list again. NOT-EVER!
That is not in this form. Last year I made an album 2 pages for each month so 1 spread a month and that is something I might be doing for next year. But that got me thinking about projects I love to do for next year.
so this is my list of scrapprojects for 2012:
  • Scrapproject, see the shabbyprinces blog for this idea as well. Every month I have been faithfully downloading the templates. I am planning to use these for next years project life 12 months.
  • Learn Something New Every Day. This year I still have to finish. I am planning to make an album for next year again. Go check out Shimelles site (also for more great classes)
  • Just as I want to do for this year, I want to do a December Daily for next year. Inspiration can be found at Ali Edwards blog here (Maybe I will take Shimelle's course Journal your Christmas than, I am not sure yet.)
  • I also want to see if I can do another Week in the Life projects (See also ali's site) I am almost up to finishing the one of this year (4 months after documenting the week the album will be ready YEAH!)
  • I plan to do a Log your memory album as well. I first read about it at Leontine's blog. More info's can be found here. I bougth the digi album for this year, but guess it will work for next year as well.
  • I also want to do a monthy page about the faves I have in that moment of my life. It's a great idea from Nettio Designs. I think I will put this in the project life 12 months album.
  • One more thing: I want to make an album with my favorite recipes.
Guess these will keep me busy for the year to come :)

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