Monday, November 24, 2008

Within Temptation TheaterTour

Yesterday finally the moment was there that the concert of Within Temptation would take place.It is the first concert I have gone to from them, but it was simply great. At first, after I heard it would be accoustic, I was disappointed. However, the accoustic songs were simply wonderful and after that the sound am used to started. GREAT! What more can I say. Sharon sang beautifully and the muscicans were awesome. It was quit an experience, the only thing which was disappointing was that they only played 2 times 45 minutes. It was far too short.

Unfortunately the photo's turned out to be quit bad. (very bad to be honest). The ones I put up here were the best. I will try to scap a page with them, but of course I will always remember this concert, even without good photo's :)
Next year they won't be touring, but they will be working on a new album. Can't wait :) and when they will be touring again in this area I will for sure go again.

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