Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yesterday I had the day off, and I was planning to do some shopping. Unfotunately the weather was not so good, it was cold and raining and a lot of wind. Of course I let not that keep me from going :)

Finally, I have bought now a new set of colour pencils from Bruynzeel Sakura for coloring my stamps. They are much cheaper than the Derwent Colour pencils and according the sales lady even better, so... I bought a set of 24 colors along with "doezelaars" and odourless white spirit. Soooo happy with it. Will show a photo later today.

We also had the first snow of this winter. I was still in town for the shopping and all of a sudden it was snowing and the flakes became thicker and falling more quicker with every second. It was not cold enough for the snow to remain, it melted away almost instantly. But for a moment we had a fairytale like scenery. So amazingly beautiful. I love it, but only when don't have to go through traffice but can remain at home. Unfortunately a lot of accidents happen when it's snowing.

I had no camera so I have no photo's but maybe I will get my chance later this weekend because the weatherforecast says there might be more snow until coming Tuesday.

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