Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feeling better * shopping * a TOOT

Yesss, thankfully I am feeling a bit better than last week. i still have troubles with the nose and ears and headache. I still cannot smell & taste anything. Still not feeling 100% good but believe me it's good to be outside again after so many days being inside in bed.
So I did some shopping :) after such a long time it was badly needed of course. I bought a new jeans (unfortunately a bigger size, since I gained about 3 kilo's since last christmas which I still didn't loose and fear I never will - sigh -
And I bought some scrapbookstuff @ the action: bling bling flowers (2 packs for only 70 ct each!) and some beads to make for bracelet but of course they are verrrry nice on cards and layouts (appr. 6 beads for only 70 cts) Photo's will follow shortly.
Ikea's I also am unable to leave empty handed... This time I bought a new standing lamp for in the living and 3 small vases for decoration. As soon as the lamp is up and the vases are placed, I will show some photo's.

On to the big news; I am published in the great online magazine Scrapstreet - February issue; go check it out here.
Unfortunately the photo isn't great. I now photograph differently so it's better than in the beginning, but it's still not to my satisfaction, guess practise makes perfect right :) ?
And ..... another card I had send for the March issue is selected for publication. I am so happy!
I had no time this month to make some cards for the April call, but will try to make some today.

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