Thursday, April 30, 2009

* Black day - Queensday 2009 *

Today is truly a black day in history of our country. Today is Queensday, which would be held @ "paleis 't Loo" in Apeldoorn. An attack took place @ 11.50 hours, intended for the Queen and the Royal family as it turned out, but it went wrong and killed 5 innocent bystanders watching and celebrating Queensday.
I saw the attack on film and I went cold, the images are horror like and hardly to believe. A black Suzuki Swiftdrove into the crowd of people, planning to hit the bus driving the Royal family. It went fail and collapsed with a monument De Naald in Apeldoorn. 4 people died immediately and this evening the 5th person died, 13 people wounded.
The driver of the Suzuki Swift- a man, age 38, T, living in Huissen - is also wounded an in a hosipital, nothing is known further yet. (reasons and explanations, and motive - the "WHY?? so to speak - , but I don't feel there is a reason or explanation for these things) This house has been searched but nothing has been informed on this to the public.)
I don't understand the day and age we are living in. It seems that what we hear on the news what happens in countries like America and Belgium and Germany, is coming to our country as well and in a more rapid speed than I like.
I am at loss for words for this...
Queensday cannot and willnot ever be the same after this....

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