Saturday, May 9, 2009

* Finally!! * ScrapStreet Pub *

I am sitting behind my pc @ my desk in my own room again.
For 2 weeks the house has been a complete mess since we were working on repainting the bedroomwalls and that sounds easier and quicker than it was in RL.
First the wallpaper had to come off - took 2 days. Than my bedroom walls had to be replastered because there were a lot of cracks - took 2 days to dry completely in order to paint the walls. So we started in the other bedroom.
All this time all the belongings from BOTH rooms had been put in the living room, hall way and even in the kitchen and bathroom. Since our house is * very small *.
On one of the days Carpetright people came to measure the rooms in order to put lamination boards on both bedroomfloors on 30/04/09.
We were still working on the painting and removing the old carpet and the underfloor in the biggest room.
@ Sunday 3 may we finished the work as far as we could do it ourselves.
The next day I had to go back to work and after work we went to Carpet right in order to make sure we get the right underfloor for the biggest bedroom.
Wednesday we removed that last things from the rooms because the next day the new lamination floor came and the rooms had to be empty. On that same day we went to Beter Bed to get a new bed and 2 closets for the biggest room. We managed to save my bed thankfully. Since it would be very difficult to get a new one, since the max length my bed can have is 1.90 meter instead of normal size (my bedroom is too small). It will take 6!! weeks before the new furniture arrives. Verrry long. It's very beautiful.
& we went to the praxis to buy some roller curtains for my room.
Friday 8 may in the evening my uncle came to get the curtains and roller curtains and some other things attached to the wall. Quite a job, took also 3 hours!
And then today, we worked all day (and still not finished) to get all my stuff back in to the room. Of course everything had to be cleaned and sorted out as well. I managed to throw stuff away, but still I have so many things (scrapstuff is taking up a lot of space, space which I don't have) in my room. Tomorrow I will finish it up.
Butttt.... it's so nice to have my room back finally. It feels again like my room. Tonight will be the second night I sleep in my room again after 2 weeks :)
I will show photo's later.

Again I am published with one of my cards in Scrapstreet magazine. I am always so proud when one of my cards is being chosen for publication. :)
Now the new mag is out, I can put up the card which was in the April issue of this year. The subject was Spring.

Now that we are almosts back to order, I am soooo looking forward to do a little scrapping. I will have to make a B-day card tomorrow. I am already too late since tomorrow is her Birthday... sigh. But I have been too busy to remember before.

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