Sunday, May 10, 2009

* Jaaroverzicht week 19 *

I finished the card of week 19 for the Jaaroverzicht. This time the theme was "dodenherdenking". I gave it a twist and opted for Freedom. Still it was a difficult one for me. I have so much feelings and thoughts about freedom, but they are difficult to put in words yet along to put on a very small piece of paper.
Freedom is the biggest good one can ever have and we must never forget those that got wounded fighting for freedom and died for freedom. I don't think about this at 04/05 only, its often on my mind. Freedom to say what you think and feel, to do what you want, to live in a free country without war.... it is the biggest treasure one can ever have. But at the same time it is easily forgotten. So I chose this quote from Dick Cheney, I think it says it all.

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