Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Freezing Cold & Valentine Card

From the 26th of December the temperature was dropping and dropping and it started freezing a lot. Today is the coldest day/night until now. The temperature is minus 12 degrees!!!
Here I am sitting in my cold icy room to update the blog - probably the last time this year - and to send some emails. I have my coat on and my fingers are frozen already.At the same time it seems so ironic that today also the spring cataloque of H&M fell on my doormat. Strange feeling to go shopping for t shirts and shorts and skirts right now :)
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This morning I went out to take some shots of frozen leaves and such. There is not a lot to photograph since there is no frozen water a lot, but I managed to get some nice shots.There will be coming fog and it will keep on freezing so maybe there will be more "winterwhite"- like landscapes to photograph.

I have made some Valentine Cards. One I can't show since I send it to possibly (hopefully - keeping my figners crossed) be published in a magazine, the other one I can show.

Since this is my last post; I want to wish everybody best wishes for 2009!

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