Sunday, December 28, 2008

Soooo... the Christmas Day are over. I had a wonderful time first Christmas Day.

We had dinner @ home. Nothing fancy but the table was wonderfully decorated - as we always do and the food was nice even when it was relatively speaking simple.
I always like the ambiance. After dinner we went for a walk and you could already feel the cold in the air. After we returned home again it was time to open the presents :) Every year we see, we won't be buying presents but we always do. Nothing expensive because that's not the point and it takes the fun out of it.
But I was spoiled anyway; a scraf which fits to a jacket I have, a book, a daily planner for 2009 and a lovely showergel. And I also couldn't resist to buy myself the pearl earrings I wanted for so long (country & wishes) and a nice bling bling bracelet in black and silver color (Kruidvat). Love them and already were them every day :)
Second Christmas Day was totally different though, I was having a migraine attack and I wasn't feeling well at all. So I kept things slow. It really wasn't the nicest way to end the Holidays.

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