Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A little snow * X Mas cards

Today there was again a little bit snow. It was wet snow this time so there was no big pile on the ground but some on the grass and cars and it was a beautiful sight. But I was also happy it wasn't any worse for the traffic and cars.

Last weekend I've been quite busy; I finished the last X Mas cards. I only have to add a small touch of bling bling by adding some hotfix stones :)
As soon as I can upload the photo's, I will put it up here.
I also had some time to make 3 scraplayouts on Saturday and Sunday. And it felt good to do some scrapping again. The last layout I made was over a month ago.
I sorted out some photographs to print. There was a special action at Schleckers. When you order over 100 photos in size 10x15 it's only 8 cts a photo; which is a bargain I have to use of course :) I ordered 125 photos, so I don't have to get bored at all! There are so many old paperlines in my stock which I want to use and make room for new paperlines. I already have fallen in love with the new basic grey line; bittersweet, go check it out here:

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