Sunday, August 2, 2009

* digi kit*

Today I was planning to visit Castle day in Diepenheim, however the weather forecast was already very bad and this morning when I woke... yep it was already raining. I send a mail to ask if it would go on or if it would be rescheduled (so hoping for that) But no, it did continue as planned. So I didn't go, really a pity because I was looking forward to it. But it turned out for the good because most of the time it rained.
Instead I worked all day on a new digi kit challenge over at digi scrap obsession. It has been long time ago since my first (bad) attemps for making my own kit. And I am still far from really happy with it. But there is progress noticable. I like this one far better than the last. I am not quite finished because I am still trying out to make a realistic ribbon bow in Photoshop and I cannot find a good tut on the net and my own attemps were in vain.
Anyway, this is a small preview on the kit. I was so planning to use my new BG lemonade papers for a page. Let's see if I can find some time this evening. Or maybe a card... Or make a new layout for the yearoverview... Or maybe I will watch some DVD I brought from the libary :)

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