Sunday, August 30, 2009

* Traditioneel Gerij *

Today was again a special day @ Castle Warmelo. This time there were old fashioned horse & carriages with people driving the carriage in special "old- fashioned" clothes.
It was a beautiful sight and I am glad I went, but it was rather difficult for me to photograph the quick moving horses, thankfully there was another photographer who gave me some tips, otherwise nothing would have come out of it. I put ISO on 800 but the photos are maybe blurry but still smooth. (I which I had learned this stuff on the course I followed a few years back. I really must practise more, since practise makes perfect.)
But all in all, I have a few nice shots. Please don't pay too much attention to the chopped of heads of the horses, in fact they are fully headed, but the program I use sames to cut off some space of the photos. It was rather a chilly day, appr. 17 degrees and I was glad I had a vest to put on. You can really feel that the end of August has arrived and September is coming. Thought the weather forecast says it will be 25 degrees tomorrow and also Tuesday will be sunny, but then rain will come again.

I started a X mas card yesterday, but didn't finish it. There was too much stuff to do in house and too much household chores. Hopefully I will be able to make some cards in evening next week. I really want to participate in all the challengeblogs, I am really getting addicted to them.

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