Sunday, April 11, 2010

* Hoera! * Love You Mom *

This card is made for a birthday of a little girl today. I posted it so she would get it yesterday, so it's save to post now :)
I used some Basic grey papers Lemonade and some new Prima flowers and a digi stamp of Bugaboo. I really like how cheerful it is. Also this week has been too busy for me to get the freebie posted on friday, but as they say, better late than never. Here it is, my 2nd attempt at a round digi stamp. Since Mothersday is approxing next month, better get the cards ready. Hope you like it. Please leave a comment when you download.
Also I am looking for more quote, oneliners, texts you would love to see at a stamp, just leave me your ideas in the comments.
Today, I was planning to do a lot, but since I slept in quite late (very unusual for me), the day is already have gone before I get started. There are so much flowers getting into blooms, that I was planning to do some photographing. Cleaning was already on the list as is ironing and I would like to do some cardmaking and or scrapping. Again there is much too much on my to do list.
Also I finished the lastest book of Suzanne Vermeer Apres Ski and just started in the latest novel of James Patterson - The postcard Killers.
Ah well, let's try to squeeze it all in somehow....
Enjoy your sunday.

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  1. Leuke kaart Miranda! Maar ook prachtige digi stamps heb je gemaakt! Ik neem hem mee, bedankt voor het delen. Helaas kan ik je voorgaande digi's niet meer downloaden, klopt dat?

    Groetjes Ellen