Wednesday, March 2, 2011

* project life week 8 *

I am behind in my project and haven't finished week 7 yet. Here is week 8 though.
I am having a lot of trouble this week to get a daily photo. (I am even considering quitting) It is so difficult for me after 8 weeks to take a photo each day, while working 5 days in the week and having no dogs and or kids to take photos with. My days are filled with daily work and that is only administration work at the PC, so....
This week most days it's the sunrise and sunset. I think I can fill a whole book with only those shots I took so far :)
I am doing my best to keep it up though and hoping that when spring comes I can take more nature shots. I like the work I did so far and the forecast of having a book with photo's of my daily life is great. Specially when looking back at it years from now. So I hope I can continue, but I don't think I will do this ever again....
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