Sunday, March 27, 2011

* Spring is here *

The last few days, that's to say, almost the whole week we had very nice, sunny weather. Very nice because everything starts too bloom and blossom but at the same time it means the hayfever season is upon us. I already am on meds since a few weeks but it's getter worse now :(
Still I am planning to enjoy the outdoors more than I did last year. So today I went out for a walk in the woods and walked also around town to try to capture some of the blooms. I particulary like the one below.
Too bad sunday is almost gone already and back to work on monday. I also still have to finish up my week page of project life. I am behind on this.
Enjoy the rest of the sunday evening!
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  1. Het was echt superlekker weer de afgelopen week, alleen niet als je hooikoorts hebt. Gelukkig voor mij heb ik dat niet...dus ik ben veel hele wereld lijkt weer wat vrolijker te worden!