Sunday, April 17, 2011

* 30 days of Spring Day 01 & 02 & 03 *

On internet I found a photo challenge, 30 days of spring, read all about it here or click on the linky in the sidebar. And besides all the things I am already doing, I am trying my hand at this. I will try to make a photo for this each day, but posting each will be difficult, also becose I want to work a little on them before posting. I was also a hobby of mine a long time ago, to work on the photo's and seems I am slightly going back to it at the moment ;)

So here are my photo's of the first 3 days.

Here is my Day 01 (15 April). It was a misty morning and because of that combined with the sun, gave some nice shots. This is one is with my point and shoot camera and I love it.

Day 02 (16 april) Some beautiful white blossoms (don't know the name, I only admire their beauty :) ) passed me by today. Again a photo from my point and shoot on Macro stand. (maybe this is even better than DSL for macro's)

Day 03 (17 April). I saw some beautiful grape hyacinths and with the green of the grass and the yellow of the dandelions it really gives that splash of spring colors.

The weekend is over and back to work on monday.
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  1. These are all lovely, but that first one... I am in LOVE with. WOW!! Thanks so much for joining up. Don't be too hard on yourself if you don't get one every single day. The point is to just get out there and shoot when you can. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Beautiful shots! I am in love with the first one too!!!

  3. That first image is seriously amazing- you can feel the glow of the sun coming from it!