Thursday, April 21, 2011

* 30 days of spring day 05 & 06 & 07 *

Ok, I am back with Day 5 for 30 days of spring photo's. For this one (straight from my point and shoot) I used a texture by Kim Klassen and this is also my entry (first one :) of Texture Tuesday. Had great fun with it. I took this shot during one of my evening walks. It an advantage to have enough light to shoot by hand in the evening after work.
Day 06 (20 april) originally the colors were very bright but I like this muted vintage look of the lovely flowers, used again some textures from Kim Klassen (chamomille & peeling paint)
Day 07 (today) Early risers get nice light. This shot was taken in the morning with my Nikon D70S. I simply love the morning sunrise glow which I intensifed a little. Love it when I can take some photos in the morning already before heading off to work. It's a good way to start a normal working day.
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