Monday, April 25, 2011

* project life week 16 *

It has been a very long time ago since i last posted a layout I did for Project Life. I am still keeping up though at times it's difficult to find something to photograph specially on a daily basis. Guess my life isn't too exiting ;) Sometimes I even find myself thinking that I still need to photograph something and how I want to quit it. Butttt, still going for it, because I think it will be a great album and that seems enough motivation (for this moment) to keep it going.
Thankfully I have had some extra days off because of Easter and I have some spare time to try to do some catching up, because I am running a little behind my weekly Lo's... :(
Firstly I started with last week because that one is reasonably fresh in my memory. I used Irish Princess a collab kit from meghan mullens & cindy schneider plus a little out of Springs a hoot by meghan mullens. Available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I used a template by Yin.
I removed the text because some of it was too personal to post.
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