Sunday, July 26, 2009

* Benji * Shopping & Sale *

Friday I went to my aunt of course with camera because it was so very long ago that I shot some photos of my favorite dog :)
Doesn't he look beautiful and cut?
It is always very difficult to get him decent in shots, always is help needed in a way of distraction. Most of the time when he sees me with the camera he turns his back on me. He is a little camera shy :) Of course I brought him a new bone to chew on so he is one happy dog! Yesterday I went shopping and for the first time I was able to save some money by buying clothes in sale!! This never happens to me normally so I was very happy. It are basics so I can wear them longer than just this summer/autumn
First some t shirst from Esprit with 30% discount on normal price- some beautiful purple/fuchsia and 2 whites. Then I found some basic tops with special price if you buy 2. Well, you can never make a mistake in buying white tops, total saved 3 euro's.
Then I bought a blue stripe blouse and beige spencer @ The Sting with sale prices. (The white shirst from Esprit look very good under the beige spencer btw)
Unfortunately the blue blouse is already washed and hanging to dry so I can wear it tomorrow so I have no photo. Will make up for this later.
Besides sale items I bought a grey spencer and a grey sleeveless vest with pink wybers with 2 pink blouses (very good to combine with all my grey vests, spencers and sweaters) and I bought 2 white blouses since the ones I have now and worn for years are too big. Besides these are much more beautiful. I also got me earlier this week a grey vest @ H&M. Will show photo later.
All in all quite some money spend, but I can combine everything together and add to items I already have, so money well spend.
Now let autumn begin :)

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