Monday, July 6, 2009

* Braces * Deventer op stelten *

Thursday I went to the dentist for the first part of my new life without braces.
He put threads behind my biting teeth - top and bottom teeth.
The next day I had to go to the dentist again and I got my braces removed (hurted a little) and he sanded and polished my teeth. Afterwards I had to bit in some material from which he would make me a night brace. My teeth are now straigt and very large looking. So smooth and white, the first feeling is that they are not mine. It's now 3 days later and it feels ok now, but I had to get used to it first
Today, nobody noticed at work. Or at least it took some time for my direct colleague to notice :)This afternoon I collected the night brace I collected this afternoon. It's a clear plastic thingy which i have to wear for YEARS each night. O well.... I have to do something to have a nice smile. All in all I am very happy with the result.Saturday I went to the streettheater in Deventer. It was far too hot and damp for me to go. So during the last part in the hot train I got a headache. After arriving in Deventer I sat down at the Hema and drank something cool and had something to eat, I was doing better.
We thought we'd easily find the shows, when walking in the city centre, which wasn't the case. So we shopped a little. I bought a new blouse and 2 tops @ WE and a new pullover @ H&M. After that we found Chabatz d'Entrar and it was a really good show. I sat in the shadow and there was wind and yet still at the end of the show all of a sudden I was sooooo ill with headache, almost migraine like. It was probably due to the hard strange noises at the near end that did it.
On the way home I was feeling terribly bad and now I know for sure, travelling and seeing things in hot summer is nothing for me. I really must not do it again. No matter how much I want to go or see something.
Deventer was very nice though and I will go back for a visit in Autumn :)

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  1. Oh Miranda you poor thing! I agree that going outdoors in the heat is very draining! I even avoid going to the clothes line if I can :) Don't forget to take a water bottle with you and drink heaps!
    hope your headache is better,