Sunday, October 11, 2009

* Jaaroverzicht * SBM *

No cards today. I am full of shame to admit that I have not made cards for the Jaaroverzicht in MONTHS!! How bad is that, really! And since I planned to make it this time I picked it up. For the third time this year I am running behind for weeks. I managed to finished 3 today. I will only put up 2, since the last one is to personal to post.
So this is week 37, subject view from your window, home, backyard etc. I chose for a photo I made near the end of september in the early morning when I go to work. Around this time of year you can stumble into magnificent views and thankfully I always have a pocket camera with me so I was lucky enough to get this shot.
This layout was shamelessly lifted from one of the layouts of Hanneke van der Linde in the latest issue of Scrapbookmagazine. I love the layouts she makes and this one fitted so perfectly for this photo. So thanks a lot for the inspiration. Next one is for this week; subject Autumn. So that was a piece of cake for me since I LOVE AUTUMN. I used some photos also from September when we made the autumn decoration.
And yesterday I bought the special issue of Scrapbookmagazine, if you haven't bought it yet, you better do it quick. It is jammed with lovely layouts and projects and full of inspiration. And above all there are 16 pages extra! I really love this issue and am leaving through it constantly and everytime I see something new.
Enjoy the rest of your sunday.

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