Sunday, October 4, 2009

* World Card Making Day * not feeling so good *

Unfortunately I missed all challenges going on all over the net; the cardblogs I visit and the forums I go to. I had a lot of ironing to do plus it was high time to clean out summer clothes for winter clothes and that took me some hours since i have to go to the attic to change it.
I am glad I did because I am not feeling to good these days. For some weeks I am sneezing and since this week I have a sore throat and the sneezing gets worse and I am so cold all the time! (normally that's a sign I am getting sick, normally around this time of year with these tempetures I wear blouses but now I am already wearing pull overs with a jacket otherwise it's still too cold. When it's over 20 degrees it's already too hot for me...) And my muscles are so sore. I surely hope I won't be getting sick...
Already made some home made chicken soup yesterday, in hopes it will prevend worse and taking lots of vitamine C.
Anyway, I am planning to do some cardmaking today and am soo looking forward to that :)

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