Saturday, December 19, 2009

* brrr.... it's cold outside *

I was planning on writing this blogpost last Sunday, but I hadn't had the time, I was only able to upload the photo's and thought I would write it the next day. It never happened. I was busy this week and not feeling too well - looks like I will have the flue again this winter. And besides that the room were the pc is, is extremely cold this time of year with -8 degrees since there is no central heating.
Anyway this weekend it was snowing, the first snow of this winter. I took these shots at Saturday when there wasn't too much snow yet, but it was freezing cold with -8 or something like that. The landscape was lovely. I also received after some long waiting my parcel from Creatief Scrapwork: some nice flowers from Kaiserkraft. I *adore* these. Specially the pink ones since I seem to be having lots of papers with pink in them.
And I got some stuff from Scrapbookdepot; some nice Studio G x mas stamps. I love those tiny little stamps, so easy to use on cards and tags, letterstickers, some bling, some more flowers and glue dots.
I created some X mas like wallpapers for my PC background as well. This one is my fav and it is proudly placed as wallpaper. Don't you love Benji?
With these long winter days, I love to read. I have recently finished a novel from Simone van der Vlugt, Het laatste offer. A novel that reads like an adventure story, a nice change. Now I am reading Iris Johansen Pandora's Daughter.
This week I had no time what so ever to create a layout or even a card or tag. With the holidays I do have some more time, but I am not sure if there will be time to create anything.

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