Sunday, December 27, 2009

* Jaaroverzicht cards *

This whole year I participated in a weekly challenge over at a forum I visit. Even though I had drop backs and over the year had to catch up several times (I am now working on the 4th turn to get everything up-to-date. I still have to make 6 cards, but I am confident I will still be able to make them this year.) And even for the "fall backs in productivity", I am glad I joined over to make these cards weekly, but even more happier I did them digi. Otherwise I would have failed, just like happened with Paper Adventure 08.

Week 51 presents: Week 50 darker days, longer evenings:
Week 49 Sinterklaas:
I even liked it so much, that I am searching on the net for something to do next year. On one of the forums they are organizing a ABC of me next year, so I am thinking about either that or 52Q which was held by Emily Falconbridge this year. (Or maybe I should try both?? Nah, I don't think I will be able to manage that) If someone who is reading this, happen to know something challeging for next year, just leave a comment.)

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