Sunday, December 13, 2009

* Christmas tree * Intratuin * Flowerdecorations *

Friday evening I decorated the tree. Kept it fairly simply with only some extra glass items and rest only white ball. I noticed the best time has past (got it 4 years already) so it is time to shop for new decorations. So I went to a garden centre yesterday, Intratuin. But even though they had lovely decorated their centre and there were amazingly beautiful items, they didn't have any white Christmas balls!! Yeah something like it but it was too grey for me. I really want snowwhite balls.
But look how beautiful it was. There were also a lot of sceneries built up specially for kids. It was the first time I went there with the holidays so it was a nice surprise. Normally I feel a bit odd taking photographs of the Christmas deco, but there were a lot of people over here who did it as well.
Back home some flower decorations for Christmas had to be made with the bought materials. I love how they turned out. I still want to make piece of outside though. Let's see if there will be some time left to make it.
Enjoy your sunday! Mine will be a busy one, still got lots and lots to do and not only for Christmas :)

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