Thursday, January 21, 2016

* 5 min friday - TIME *

Now, the time has come, we are apart. And it's breaking my heart. Yet I knew this day was about to come for some time now, and I am happy you said it now. Time will heal wounds they say. I guess I have all the time of the world now to figure out if that is true or not. Time will pass anyway. Saying goodbyes is not something I am very good at. In fact I have been holding on to you to us for far too long because I couldn't say goodbye. Memories are also now part of the time. Our time together. I will cherish them, there are good memories. There are bad memories There are memories of those in between. It's life, we both have to move on. Nothing lasts forever it seems nowadaysk or at least that's the way it feels to me. And that is making me really sad.

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  1. Miranda,
    Visiting from FMF Friday - where I'm parked right behind you at #116. I'm so very sorry for your sadness. I know all too well that saying goodbye is a horrible thing...I lost my oldest son to suicide in Nov, 2011. I'm praying for you.